My First Time at Costco and It was Amazing

  1. Way too many people shop here. I thought Costco is only for those with big families needing to stock up and buy at reduced rates for bulky items. Nope. Everybody shops here now. Before we shopped here, we went to national grocery chains and local groceries for various items, but Costco is another level in shopper traffic. But they make it easy to navigate with big spaces between aisles, so I don’t feel trapped. Likewise, the gas station is at least 10 cars backed-up each pump, but at least you’re in your car with full A/C and music. Even with a large number of patrons in the store, it rarely feels crowded, people seem to move fast and know what they’re getting so they rarely stand and ponder about which items to choose.
  2. Prices for certain items are unbelievable. You will find many online articles about their famous $5 rotisserie chicken, $10 whole pizza, and various other incredible items. It is true. They cannot possibly make profits from certain items. $5 chicken. I sincerely hope that is chicken, but a generically mutated organism that looks and tastes like chicken. There is no scientific proof of it, so I will continue to buy it.
  3. Trusted return policy. I purchased a watermelon and strawberry from Costco. To me, Costco isn’t known for its fruits and vegetables. We were skeptical of their product quality but decided to give it a shot. They were bad. We ended up throwing both fruits out, went back to Costco, and told them about the fruits with honesty. They did not ask any questions and simply refunded the amount back. Going back and getting a refund was unnecessary travel and time spent, but the staff was quick to refund.
  4. It is super easy to spend $300+ at this store each time. We buy dozens of items and the bill comes out to be that high. But when I review my receipt, nothing is wrong, we did buy that much stuff at Costco. Perhaps going to Costco on weekly basis will make us homeless.
  5. If you do the math and compare each item by per pound or ounce, it will always be cheaper than your neighborhood groceries, but you will have to buy 3+ months of supplies at once, so I will have to be careful about what items to buy and what to avoid. We are a family of 3 and do not consume a lot of food for each meal. Buying dairy products and vegetables doesn’t seem like a wise choice for us at Costco, but non-refrigerated products would be great to buy and store. It’s essentially needed during the high-inflation period we face in 2022.
  6. I was surprised about the quality of the clothing lines at Costco. I didn’t buy anything as I wasn’t shopping for clothes at this time, but the clothes looked very comfortable and nicely finished. I am at the age where I do not shop for designer brands or dress-to-impress (the trust is, I don’t have money), so Costco’s Kirkland will be my go-to brand for many of my clothing for now. My wife approved its qualify.




An engineer by education, but much more interested in international relation, geopolitics, cultural diversity, and sports journalism.

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Joshua Seo

Joshua Seo

An engineer by education, but much more interested in international relation, geopolitics, cultural diversity, and sports journalism.

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